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[OM Week 5]: 3 Travel Hacks

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

Hey there!

How’s it going?

Operation Macau is heating up!

Matt and I are still smashing through our weekly challenges on our quest for Macau Glory.

And even though I failed this week…

And had to make a donation to a random fella’s ‘drone business’…


I’m still really excited by the progress Matt and I are making each week.

Okay, so today we’re switching gears a bit.

We’re talking about travel hacks just like the one Matt shared at the end of the video.

Here’s the thing…

Freedom Business isn’t just all about business.

It’s about the LIFESTYLE the business allows you to live.

And a big part of that lifestyle is travel.

So the next time you’re planning an awesome getaway or adventure, make sure you make the most of these three travel hacks…

Travel Hack #1: Matt’s System For Finding Rad Restaurants In Any City



Live on the call Matt shared one of his best travel hacks.

And it’s one he’s refined over time.

It’s perfect for finding the best and coolest restaurants in any new city.

One of the hardest things about going somewhere new is cutting through all the touristy B.S. and finding the best spots.

The ones usually only the locals know about.

But Matt (who’s a seasoned world traveller) has nailed down a foolproof system for finding the best restaurants.

And you can apply this to almost ANY city.

There’s three “core phases” to his system:

1) Look for blogs about food and restaurants in that city or area
2) Facebook has a new “Ask For Recommendations” feature where people can tag cool restaurants for you
3) Search for well known vloggers and Instagram influencers in that city and see what restaurants they post photos of and tag themselves at

Travel Hack #2: Secret Tactic Guarantees FREE Hotel Upgrades



Okay so this is one of my personal favourite travel hacks…

It’s great and I use it EVERY TIME I’m staying in a hotel.

Here’s how it works…

When you’re making your booking online there’s always a ‘Comments’ section at the end of the booking.

This is where you can apply online marketing and persuasion tactics to your favour!

For example, before the last SSM launch I met up with Executive Instructors Matt and Bobbe in Dubai.

When I was making the booking I wrote this in the comments section:

“Im bringing three work colleagues to the hotel for an important meeting. One’s coming the UK and the other from Switzerland. We will also be reviewing your hotel on social media for future events and for our audience.”

And just from writing this simple message we got…

  • Upgraded rooms
  • Late checkout
  • Complimentary lunch (from the manager)

They pretty much just rolled out the red carpet for us.

And I’m confident they’ll do the same for you.

Best of all, it’s free.

Travel Hack #3: The Vegas Handshake (as cool as it sounds)



The Vegas Handshake…

Doesn’t that just sound like something mysterious?

Like something the Mob or someone would use.

Well it is kind of secret because not that many people actually know about it.

Here’s what happens…

When you’re checking in to your hotel in Las Vegas, you want to put $20 into your passport ahead of time.

Then when the receptionist checks you in, the money will kind of fall out of your passport and onto their desk.

It’s a kind of unspoken, unacknowledged thing.

And as it falls out you say something like, “Anything you could do for me would be much appreciated.”

If you do this in Vegas I guarantee you’ll get some awesome upgrades.

Last year at our Freedom Business Live event I got an upgraded room (top floor suite), $60 towards breakfast at the hotel…

And complimentary passes to the hotel’s nightclub.

All for a simple $20 Vegas handshake.

So give it a go and see what happens!

Bringing It All Together…

So there you have it, three awesome travel hacks you can use on your next holiday or Freedom Trip.

Imagine going on a Freedom Business global adventure and getting top notch hotel upgrades at every check in…

Followed by lunch or dinner at an awesome local restaurant.

How good does that sound?

That’s it for week five…

I’d love for you to comment below and let me know what you thought of these travel hacks.

Or even better, if you’re going on holiday this week give them a go and report back!

I’ll catch you next week for the next phase of Operation Macau.

See you then,



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  1. Vegas handshake sounds pretty funny. I can imagine at the next Vegas event everyone will bribe, I mean do Vegas handshakes so that guy át The front desk will have to sort out way too many things. 😂 And will earn a bunch of money 💰 for his holiday. 👍😄

  2. Mate, love the hacks! Wish I knew these before hitting up Europe. Haha will put them in use for our next trip! #loveyourwork

  3. Hey Tim, perfect timing, heading out for Mexico next week 🙂 The hardest part of the Vegas handshake will be keeping a straight face for me, hahaha

    Let’s hope Rodney is gonna kill it with his drone venture


  4. Great content Tim! You are the embodiment of “Moves through the world with ease.” lol. Love Vegas, totally going to try that next time I’m there! Chicago is my absolute favorite tho. You can snag free passes to Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum and Adler planetarium (usually $90 each!) for free if you go to the public library

  5. Tim, Matt, you know what I LOVE about operation Macau?
    That this is REAL TIME. I feel so connected to you guys. I just saw a few days ago Matt posting on Facebook about New York city and now you post the vid about the results of his journey. 🙂 The other experience was Tim’s Instagram post (he was listening to Future’s Mask Off). I just played the song and felt connected. I get a lot of inspiration following you and I really enjoy your journey. Thank you to all of you, Freedom Business Team!

    • Thanks Bence! It’s all about the journey, and having likeminded people support you along the way is KEY 🙂