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[OM Week 2]: Confessions Of A Freedom Business Builder…

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

Last week I failed…

This week?


Matt and I both hit our weekly Operation Macau goals.

Which is awesome for two reasons:

1. We both made MEASURABLE progress and were highly productive

2. This meant I didn’t have to give any more money to ‘Spiritual Hippy Lady’…

Which is something I’m determined to NEVER do again.

But get this…

We’re only three weeks in and Matt and I have already SMASHED fitness milestones.

AND we’ve both made our side businesses PROFITABLE.

The benefits of setting a challenge like this are really starting to pay off.

I also feel like i’m “in the groove” with it all and day by day it becomes easier

Here’s the cool things I learned after Operation Macau Week 2…

Key Learning #1 Your Environment Affects The Way You Think

It’s been proven that
where you are has a huge impact on who you are.

Your surroundings literally affect your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

In an article published in Psychology Today, it says:

“Similar to a chameleon that changes its coloring to most effectively adapt to its environment, so too, do we change in slight to marked ways when our surrounding environment changes.”

To exploit this fact, I have a secret technique I’ve used for years.

Here’s how you do it…

Whenever you’re building out new ad campaigns or brainstorming new goals, find an AWESOME location.

One that inspires and motivates you.

A place that ELEVATES your thinking.

In the past I’ve personally gone to the lobby’s of 5 Star Hotels and sat in the lounge with a warm coffee, laptop, and a notebook.


In environments like this you’re literally SURROUNDED by wealthy and successful people.

Which is perfect for:

  • Planning winning marketing campaigns
  • Mapping a new business strategy
  • And building the ultimate vision for your life

Here in Freedom Studios we have our War Room.

This room is dedicated to sitting down and building out profitable campaigns for our clients.

But mainly (and this is where it gets really cool)…

This is where we’re constantly building, testing, and launching new Freedom Businesses and then sharing the findings with our community.

This way we’re ALWAYS up to date with the latest breakthroughs in online business.

Pretty cool, right?

So find yourself an inspiring, awesome space to map out your life and your business.

You don’t have to have your own War Room or Freedom Studios…

Just a lounge chair in a BOSS hotel, a coffee, a notepad, and a pen.

Key Learning #2: Social Media Doesn’t Pay The Bills

This one’s controversial…

And online business people usually fall into one of two groups:

Group A: People who blindly love social media UNQUESTIONABLY

Group B: People who understand it’s the side salad, not the steak

Check out this screenshot from legendary internet marketer Frank Kern:

Slack for iOS Upload (3)
I personally fall into Group B.

The only social media I really pay attention to is the paid stuff.

Buying and running ads on these networks to profitable offers.

That’s money you can take to the bank!

I recently read an article published in Entrepreneur which said that the organic reach of social media is almost zero.

Apparently, a Tweet has a lifespan of about 18 minutes.

And a Facebook post has a reach of about 2.7%.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can’t rely on free posts to build your business.

The profits are in the advertising.

Key Learning #3: Ads Don’t Pay The Bills, WINNING Ads Do

I know I say this a lot…

But what the market wants, the market gets.

It’s that simple.

Want to know the fastest, less obstructed path to financial freedom and living a rockstar life?

Spend your hours servicing the EXISTING NEEDS of your market.

NOT trying to invent new stuff.

Here’s an example…

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.07.32 AM (1)

These are the results from our latest ad campaign.

After a lot of tweaking and testing it is now a PROFITABLE business.

Estimated time frame from Build to Profits = 3 weeks.

Here’s the catch…

Matt and I have both been in the Freedom Business game a while now.

We’ve both tested and bootstrapped several successful businesses before.

Simply put, we know the ropes.

But if I could give you one key piece of golden advice, it’s to not take bad results personally!

90% of ad campaigns don’t come out of the gate profitable.

It’s just the way it works.

In this week’s Operation Macau video Matt shared a great insight on this topic.

He said, “One of my ads that’s done ridiculous amounts of money is kind of an embarrassing ad to show, like, it’s a really shitty ad…”


“[With the new ad] I’m using the best copywriting skill I can, I’m doing everything to write a new ad to beat [the old ad], it’s the best ad in the universe, like it’s perfect in every way, and then you put it out there and the old shitty one just blows it away.”

In fact, Gary Halbert (probably the best copywriter of all time) once said this:

Fundamentals never change but current variations of how to best use those fundamentals are something you must always stay on top of. In other words: It’s not enough to know that everybody wants a bargain… you must also know what people currently consider a bargain.”

It’s a process, and testing is the only way to find a winning ad FOR SURE.

For every ad that bombs you’re closer and closer to the one that will convert.

With our latest test business, we only spent $5 on each ad per day.

If the ad bombed, we turned it off and moved on.

RUTHLESS pruning and killing of what doesn’t work.

And doubling down on what does.

If it worked, we increased the ad spend and watched the #ringrings pour in.


15 ads tanked before we found the winning one.

When you’re starting out it can be brutal.

But if you’ve got a VALIDATED idea, keep testing until you find that winning ad.

Don’t give up right away…


Because the ONE ad that brings in ALL the income you need is probably right around the corner.

So to bring it all together…

You can use my key learnings from this week to immediately kickstart your results by…

  1. Finding an environment that floods your mind and body with wealth vibes
  2. Use social media STRATEGICALLY
    That means in the early days only do paid traffic  and don’t fluff around with creating a “presence”.
  3. Understand that WINNING ads are more discovered through trial and error

Rather than made in some madmen style office and come out to the market brilliant and successful.

Anyway thoughts on this week?

Please leave me a comment or question below.

And if you’re following along with your own challenge let me know how yours is going!

Can’t wait to let you know about everything that happens over the next week!

Talk then 🙂



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1. Psychology Today: “Can We Change Ourselves Simply by Changing Location?”

2. Entrepreneur: “5 Reasons Why Social-Media Marketing Is Overrated”

3. Dan Kennedy: Book
NO B.S. Direct Marketing

4. David Ogilvy: Books
Confessions Of An Advertising Man
Ogilvy On Advertising

5. The Gary Halbert Letter


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  1. If I send to Matt a Chocolate tablet called Milka’s with Oreos (Is literally heaven’s god drug) practically If he taste only 1 portion,… he is D O N E hahah

    My week go very nice, I had this resistance of mocking up the theme of envato that I bought with camstasia but yeah I Did it 🙂 ,
    paid the coder,
    Testing out WordPress to clean up all the holders, putting the high conversion elements ready for the sales copy,
    Back and forth with the support to the little errors founded.

    Goal for this week:
    1-Finish up ALLthe website including my best gun-to-my-head copy, with great feature/benefits.
    2- Consistently do 2x times per day, the psycho cibernetics meditation sessions (15min.) because it puts my mind relaxed and into the flow mode really focused
    3-Making explosive trainning at the gym and most out of it! (3 times/week)
    4-Do Abs exercises on rest days (3 times/week)

  2. hehehe re: Frank Kern. Great post Tim! One thing ‘am doing is using for ad intelligence. They have three days free trial with credit card(don’t forget to cancel), enough time to download wining ads that’s working for global brands in your industry.