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[OM Week 1]: The Failure And The Punishment

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

“If nothing else in life, I want to be true to the things I believe in, and quite simply, to what I’m all about. I know I’d better, because it seems whenever I take a false step or two I feel the consequences.” – Peyton Manning

Checking in for week one of the Macau Challenge and yep…

I’ve failed.

As a consequence I have to donate $100 (live in the above video) to something that hurts every fiber of my being.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.17 am

As you know from the overview post, I have fitness and business targets that I need to complete each week OR ELSE.

Well as it turns out…

If you have a BBQ at your house in the Australian Summer.

And your friends know how to have a good time.

You’re going to drink 10 delicious Asahi beers and destroy your calorie intake for the day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.32 am
That’s a -$50 penalty.

I also miscalculated the amount of video shooting I could get done this week and failed to get one completed.

Another -$50 penalty.

In the comments section of the last post Nate had a really good suggestion:

“One thing to consider with your goals – since you’re with Matt – perhaps consider a more “painful” stick if you don’t hit your goals. It seems like between you and Matt you have created a bit of a win-win scenario where even if you both fail, you are rewarding the other for your failures (in no way do I think either of you will). HOWEVER, perhaps in the future taking that money and donating to an organization you absolutely, 100% HATE would be more powerful.”

Pretty much a day after I read this comment this showed up in my newsfeed:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.50 am


Long story short it’s a hippie who feels that it’s ok to just “ask the universe”…

(you and me)…

to fund her spiritual quest…

(aka holiday)…

around the world.

Now apart from the obvious problems with this:

The reason this is so disgusting is that as a Freedom Business builder you understand the VALUE OF A DOLLAR.

You understand what it takes to ACTUALLY make money come in and how difficult that can be.

You understand that getting someone to pull out their wallet and buy your stuff is a science.

A science that can take months of trial and error like it did for me when I first started.

It can take months of funding your entrepreneurship with part time or full time jobs.

Like many of our community members who phase over to full time business.


But at its heart is one key, proven premise:

In general,

Society rewards people who provide it what it wants.

First, there’s a MARKET.

Which is a segment of society with particular demographics and interests.

Second – You sell and provide a good or service for that market.

Third – You’re rewarded by the cash register RING RINGing.

That’s how it’s worked (and will continue to work) forever.

Because human nature doesn’t change no matter how much you want it to.

Here’s a cool example…

This dude eats all his calories in one 4000 calorie meal at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.18.03 am


He’s used intermittent fasting to drop 60lbs and eat these monster meals to still stay lean and fit.

And here’s why he now has 198,000 Instagram followers:

A particular market wants to eat absolute crap… and a lot of it… whilst still having ripped abs.

Imagine that headline for an ad:

“How To Eat All The Crap You Want And Still Get Ripped Abs!”

Now this sparks outrage “that’s unhealthy!” from people who want the world to be different than it is.

But this is simple science.

And if Blake launched an online training program dedicated to teaching people his method – he would be a millionaire in a day.

Market -> What It Wants -> Reward

So back to our dear friend Bec who’s providing the market with nothing other than a few vague promises that veil the true request of “pay for my vacation”.

This ain’t good enough.

And judging by the comments vs the amount of funding that I just woefully contributed too…

The market has spoken.

Anyway check out the video above this post to see the full breakdown of the week.

And leave me a comment or question below for next week’s check in!

There will be NO DONATION to this rubbish next week.

Mark my words 🙂



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  1. I LOVE your comment on that girl’s gofundme-page 😀

    I’m also on my way to an income goal of +1000€ until october, so I can offer my family a healthy and secure lifestyle (my baby will be born in october, so this is really important).

    Thanks for Operation Maccau, it came at the right time!


    PS: Thanks for everything you do, our spiritual guardian, Timothy!

  2. I feel your pain Tim!

    It would have been hard to donate to spiritual girl. But I guess it will fuel you for next time. I guess the Squeaky wheel gets the oil is true in this case!!
    i.e those that ask, get what they want

    I’m scheduled to check in with accountability buddy this Sunday.

    My health goals are on track and I’m using the omron weight scales to measure my weight and both fat and muscles percentages.

    So far, I have drop roughly a percent on fat and gained a percent of muscle but body weight has gone up 🙁 I”m hoping by Sunday I can meet my weekly targets.

    I have noticed that my muscles, specifically delts respond better to daily high rep exercise.

    Both my brother and I are experimenting with glass of water mixed with cinnamon and honey or lemon to speed up our metabolism. we are hoping these little hacks can improve weight loss.

    time will tell!

    My daygame/playboy goals
    It’s been pouring here for the last 2 days in Sydney but I have still managed to get out an record a few interactions and practice my sticking points.

    My approach anxiety has been managed by repeating a few affirmations.
    And my goals during next check in is to find another daygame venue. I feel , it’s slowly being saturated by other daygamers who congregate my venue and I have approached the girl more than once which feels abit creepy when I repeat the same opener.

    My macau was going to be in Kiev which is in the top 10 daygame meccas of the world. But after reading smart traveler who advised not to go there, I’m going to research another international daygame spot preferably further away from Chernobyl and armed separatists group.

    Financial goals
    This is a tricky one because markets are unpredictable, but first milestone achieved this week. My virtual trading account is about to get setup and I have funded my live trading account.

    My brother hit his milestone by making 20% on his demo account since last week and I have kept making small profits. But at the end of the day is making real money rather than demo account.

    On Sunday night, my brother and I will learn whether we hit our weekly/daily targets. The punishment will be eating a cooked chicken heart.

    Time will tell

  3. Hahaha I can’t believe that you fund that hippie flower girl. Omg man I can’t even watch 10 seconds of her video and you buy her a ticket to woodstock or whatever lol


    Dude, B-R-U-T-A-L! That’s a painful stick to get whacked with. I was literally cringing watching you submit that donation. And having Matt do the deed, A+ move. It adds just a little more salt into the wound (Matt – Priceless message btw).

    Good luck with Week 2 challenges ahead. Stay frosty and keep posting.

  5. ” Market + What It Wants = Reward ”

    That’s the simple equation! Thanks for it.

    And btw, the market are POUDING in that girl LOL ;D

  6. Hey Tim, I loved your first post and I entered the 30 day challenge which is awesome. However why can’t I access the private facebook group? I sent you an email which one of your staff replied but NOT about the facebook group. Is it closed? Will there be another one? Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very useful. And funny too.
    Raphael from France

    • Hey Raphael – cheers man and thanks for letting me know. The facebook group will be open VERY soon… Stay tuned to your email i’ll be sending out details. Good luck with your own challenge.