[OM Week 5]: 3 Travel Hacks

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

Hey there!

How’s it going?

Operation Macau is heating up!

Matt and I are still smashing through our weekly challenges on our quest for Macau Glory.

And even though I failed this week…

And had to make a donation to a random fella’s ‘drone business’…


I’m still really excited by the progress Matt and I are making each week.

Okay, so today we’re switching gears a bit.

We’re talking about travel hacks just like the one Matt shared at the end of the video.

Here’s the thing…

Freedom Business isn’t just all about business.

It’s about the LIFESTYLE the business allows you to live.

And a big part of that lifestyle is travel.

So the next time you’re planning an awesome getaway or adventure, make sure you make the most of these three travel hacks…

Travel Hack #1: Matt’s System For Finding Rad Restaurants In Any City



Live on the call Matt shared one of his best travel hacks.

And it’s one he’s refined over time.

It’s perfect for finding the best and coolest restaurants in any new city.

One of the hardest things about going somewhere new is cutting through all the touristy B.S. and finding the best spots.

The ones usually only the locals know about.

But Matt (who’s a seasoned world traveller) has nailed down a foolproof system for finding the best restaurants.

And you can apply this to almost ANY city.

There’s three “core phases” to his system:

1) Look for blogs about food and restaurants in that city or area
2) Facebook has a new “Ask For Recommendations” feature where people can tag cool restaurants for you
3) Search for well known vloggers and Instagram influencers in that city and see what restaurants they post photos of and tag themselves at

Travel Hack #2: Secret Tactic Guarantees FREE Hotel Upgrades



Okay so this is one of my personal favourite travel hacks…

It’s great and I use it EVERY TIME I’m staying in a hotel.

Here’s how it works…

When you’re making your booking online there’s always a ‘Comments’ section at the end of the booking.

This is where you can apply online marketing and persuasion tactics to your favour!

For example, before the last SSM launch I met up with Executive Instructors Matt and Bobbe in Dubai.

When I was making the booking I wrote this in the comments section:

“Im bringing three work colleagues to the hotel for an important meeting. One’s coming the UK and the other from Switzerland. We will also be reviewing your hotel on social media for future events and for our audience.”

And just from writing this simple message we got…

  • Upgraded rooms
  • Late checkout
  • Complimentary lunch (from the manager)

They pretty much just rolled out the red carpet for us.

And I’m confident they’ll do the same for you.

Best of all, it’s free.

Travel Hack #3: The Vegas Handshake (as cool as it sounds)



The Vegas Handshake…

Doesn’t that just sound like something mysterious?

Like something the Mob or someone would use.

Well it is kind of secret because not that many people actually know about it.

Here’s what happens…

When you’re checking in to your hotel in Las Vegas, you want to put $20 into your passport ahead of time.

Then when the receptionist checks you in, the money will kind of fall out of your passport and onto their desk.

It’s a kind of unspoken, unacknowledged thing.

And as it falls out you say something like, “Anything you could do for me would be much appreciated.”

If you do this in Vegas I guarantee you’ll get some awesome upgrades.

Last year at our Freedom Business Live event I got an upgraded room (top floor suite), $60 towards breakfast at the hotel…

And complimentary passes to the hotel’s nightclub.

All for a simple $20 Vegas handshake.

So give it a go and see what happens!

Bringing It All Together…

So there you have it, three awesome travel hacks you can use on your next holiday or Freedom Trip.

Imagine going on a Freedom Business global adventure and getting top notch hotel upgrades at every check in…

Followed by lunch or dinner at an awesome local restaurant.

How good does that sound?

That’s it for week five…

I’d love for you to comment below and let me know what you thought of these travel hacks.

Or even better, if you’re going on holiday this week give them a go and report back!

I’ll catch you next week for the next phase of Operation Macau.

See you then,



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1. Go Fund Me: Rodney’s New Aerial Business


2. Venture Beat: “Facebook rolls out recommendation feature that lets your friends tell you what to do”

[OM Week 4]: Spiritual Pizza Fail

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality


Remember last week when I joked that I “hoped” Matt would fail this week?

Well it turns out I called it early.

As it was revealed on the call, our man Matt buckled under the weight of cheat meal temptation…

And indulged in a huge, delicious pizza.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.08.03 AM

This extra cheat meal came with a higher price tag than Matt expected.

Because he failed this task, he had to donate $50 to a cause of my choosing.

A few weeks ago I had to donate to the Spiritual Lady as my punishment.

So I wanted to find something equally if not MORE painful for Matt.

And remember…

This is tough love.

The more the punishment stings the more likely your accountability partner is to hit their weekly targets.

Here’s how it went down.

I found these two guys on Go Fund Me called Matt & Thomas.

These young fellas were in desperate need of some funding so they can go on a spiritual pilgrimage…

To the Burning Man Festival.

(Aka, to take epic amounts of drugs and hook up with cute girls with balanced chakras)

And just to add insult to injury, I wrote this caption for Matt’s donation:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.10.35 AM

And Matt’s failure with this particular task brings up a really important point.

Which is…

Key Learning #1: Instant Gratification Is The Enemy Of Progress

You see Matt already failed when he ate his two cheat meals at the START of the week.

By doing this he made it twice as hard to fight temptation at the end of the week.

Here’s the thing…

As humans, we have an infinite capacity to deceive ourselves in the present moment.

For example, one study showed that:

“On average, receiving $100 three months from now is worth the same to people as receiving $83 right now. People would rather lose $17 than wait a few months to get a larger reward.”

This is exactly what happened with Matt.

When faced with cheesy temptation, he decided he wanted that second cheat meal RIGHT NOW.

The temptation was stronger than the knowledge that by not delaying gratification, he was putting himself in a bind later.

And this is something we all do.

Have you ever thought:

“I’ll buy that cool jacket this week and just cut back my expenses NEXT week…”


“Yeah I’ll skip this workout and sleep in, and then do another cardio session on Friday instead…”

What ends up happening every time?

The expenses don’t get cut back.

And the extra cardio session doesn’t even get a second thought.

There’s a scientific reason for this…

Research done at Princeton University found that:

“Our emotional brain has a hard time imagining the future, even though our logical brain clearly sees the future consequences of our current actions.”

And that…

“Our emotional brain wants to max out the credit card, order dessert and smoke a cigarette. Our logical brain knows we should save for retirement, go for a jog and quit smoking.”

Our emotions drive so much of what we do.

If you want to smash your goals, you need to keep them in check.

Key Learning #2: Boost Your Productivity By Setting Easy Time Constraints

There’s a reason why Matt and I are setting “challenges” as opposed to just tasks.

A task is something you know you probably should do…

But a challenge implies a reward if you’re successful.

And a punishment if you fail.

Because Matt and I have put our money where our mouth is with Operation Macau, I really want to smash every challenge each week.

But there’s an awesome tradeoff…

And that’s that I’ve been forced to figure out ways of actually getting everything I need to get done, done.

During this process I’ve come across a really awesome productivity hack.

What I did was I bought a cheap $3 alarm clock off eBay.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.31.28 AM
And instead of just bashing out a task for hours until it’s done, now I work on projects and tasks in 90 minute blocks.

This method of time chunking is a huge productivity booster.

And it’s backed by research.

For example, in an article published in the Atlantic, the author wrote: 

“DeskTime, a productivity app that tracks employees’ computer use, peeked into its data to study the behavior of its most productive workers. The highest-performing 10 percent tended to work for 52 consecutive minutes followed by a 17-minute break.”

Here’s how I do it.

As soon as I sit down to start a work block, I shut everything off.

I shut off my internet (unless I need it), I turn my phone off, and I find a place in the office where it’s just me, the task, and the clock.

And here’s what’s so cool…

When you start nearing the end of your block, you get excited and start cranking out more and more work because you know you don’t have much time left.

You’re excited because you’ve got a reward coming in the form of a break.

Okay now here’s something I’m really excited about…

In the video I also announced that I’d locked in dates for Freedom Business Live 2017…

vegas banner

Last year’s event was a massive success for our community.

And this year’s going to be even bigger and better!

Here’s what happens…

Members of the Freedom Business community (including our SSM Members) come together in the world’s COOLEST party town to learn the latest tactics in online business.

And every year we have a panel of industry experts.

Last year’s event featured successful entrepreneurs like Neil Patel, Tucker Max, and Patrick Kidd.

But do you know what’s really cool?

The event is often the first time our SSM members who come from all over the world get a chance to meet.

There’s nothing better than meeting and making friends with other likeminded people.

Especially when they share your goals, values, and online business ambitions.

I became mates with Matt through events and meetups like this.

There’ll be plenty more updates on Freedom Business Live 2017 to come…

But for now it’s all about Operation Macau.

And that’s it for Week 4!

Make sure you leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this week.

I’m really interested to hear how you go with implementing some of the productivity hacks I discussed.

Catch you next week 🙂



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1. Memory & Cognition: “Rate Of Temporal Discounting Decreases With Amount Of Reward”

2. Princeton University: Study: Brain Battles Itself Over Short-Term Rewards, Long-Term Goals”

3. The Atlantic: “A Formula for Perfect Productivity: Work for 52 Minutes, Break for 17”

[OM Week 3]: Automation: Your Key To Freedom

[Click to play the video above]

What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

Do you know someone who’s stressed out and overwhelmed in their business?

If you have then you may have noticed this single common trait…

That is that business owners tend to have a hard time delegating, outsourcing, and automating.

Here’s the thing…

If you own a business (offline or online) and you want to experience any kind of freedom then automation is KEY.

It’s the ingredient that lets your business run like a well-oiled machine.

And more importantly, it allows your business to run on autopilot.

Which leaves you free to travel, go on fun adventures, and do whatever it is you want to do with your days.

In the video check-in with Matt, he talked about his “Operations Crisis”.

This came about because he was devoting most of his time to hustling sales.

And neglecting the delivery and operations side of things.

This is an ideal kind of disaster because the sales have now validated the business and the marketing…

And with the cash in the bank FIRST, now he can start streamlining delivery.

I’ll go into more detail about this in a second.

But first, here’s why automating your business isn’t just a good idea, but essential for your success…

Key Learning #1: Automating Lets You Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business

The most obvious reason to use automation is that it creates FREEDOM in your life.

Here’s what I mean…

When you delegate tasks to employees, freelancers, or by using software, you can free up massive blocks of time.

Time that you can dedicate to masterminding the growth of your business.

And even better than that…

Time you can spend travelling the world.


Or hanging out with your best friends and family.

The truth is, it’s impossible to reign in the cash when you’re micromanaging.

And so much of your success in business comes down to making good decisions throughout the day.

It’s now been proven that we only have so much decision making power at our disposal.

Check this out…

A study published on Psychology Today found that “making choices depletes some important psychological resource, indeed the same resource that is needed for self-regulation.”

What this means is that with every minor decision you make, such as:

  • What should I wear today?
  • Should I do emails or phone calls first?
  • Do I check the Facebook ads or fulfill the Shopify orders…

You’re wearing down your decision muscle.

So it’s important not to bog yourself down with minor tasks that someone else could easily do.

You want to save your brainpower for the decisions that are going to drive in the cash!

Key Learning #2: Create Systems That Can Be Repeated By Anyone

In the video Matt mentioned his “Operations Crisis.”

Here’s the situation…

He had plenty of sales coming in – which is awesome.

But he didn’t have the delivery side handled.

By the ‘Delivery Side’ I mean the steps that need to happen after the purchase is made to create and then deliver the product to a happy client.

And life can become VERY stressful when you don’t have this under control.

The solution?

Implementing Systems.

Building systems and procedures that can be repeated and outsourced is the absolute cornerstone of successful automation.

It’s a concept I learnt from Sam Carpenter in his book ‘Work The System’.


He was able to build checklists and working procedures for almost ALL tasks in his business.

This meant that almost any task could be delegated or outsourced.

Leaving him free to work on the growth of his business.

And actually enjoy an awesome lifestyle.

Whenever I’m automating a new task, I like to get the entire thing written down like a checklist from start to finish.

Then I find new or existing team members and software to fulfil the task.

And I track the entire process via an online platform such as Trello.

Key Learning #3: Plan Your Day The Night Before

One of the worst things anyone can do is get up in the morning and try to plan their day.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Before you know it you’ll have spent one hour trying to plan your day…

Then you check your emails…

And Facebook…

Next thing you know it’s midday and time for lunch!

I know I’ve definitely had days like this, and to prevent it from happening I always plan my day the night before.

This way I don’t have to think about it.

I wake up and automatically know exactly what I need to get started on.


Harvard Business Review published an article on the importance of nailing the start of your day…

“Typically, we have a window of about three hours where we’re really, really focused…And if we end up squandering those first three hours reacting to other people’s priorities for us, which is ultimately what voice mail, or email is…that ends up using up our best hours and we’re not quite as effective as we could be.”

So I definitely recommend planning your days (and even your weeks) ahead of time.

I’ve found it to be super effective at boosting productivity.

Key Learning #4: Learning To Say No To New Projects

There’s something that happens whenever you really start crushing it in your business.

It’s that more and more people want to do business with you.

Now, I’ll come right out and say that this is an awesome problem!

Definitely one of the highest quality problems you could have.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle all of that business, then you’re in trouble.

You’ll soon find yourself and your staff overwhelmed.

And the quality and speed that projects are executed starts to suffer.

In the video I talked about how I got contacted out of the blue by people asking me to take on some big projects for them.

And they’re awesome projects that genuinely excite me.


Stuff like building profitable marketing and ad campaigns.

But the important thing is to stay FOCUSED.

You’re much better off doing three projects at a premium level…

Than 10 projects kind of half-assed.

So until you can automate and streamline the work you have on your plate, pass on new projects.

Then when you’re ready to step things up a notch, build the systems, create the automation, and most importantly…

Enjoy the freedom it gives you.

So to bring it all together…

Start enjoying the freedom that automation gives you by…

  • Creating systems that can be repeated, delegated, and outsourced
  • Planning your day the night before to boost productivity
  • Saying “No” to new projects to increase focus and work quality

What did you think of week three?

Feel free to post any comments or questions below and I’ll read them ASAP.

Hopefully next week Matt slips up and I can force him to “donate” to something interesting.

Anyway, I’ll see you then.



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1. Kathleen D. Vohs: “Decision Fatigue Exhausts Self-Regulatory Resources”

2. Work The System by Sam Carpenter

3. Entrepreneur: “7 Tools That Can Help You Rapidly Grow and Automate Your Business”

4. Trello

5. Harvard Business Review: “Your Brain’s Ideal Schedule”


[OM Week 2]: Confessions Of A Freedom Business Builder…

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What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

Last week I failed…

This week?


Matt and I both hit our weekly Operation Macau goals.

Which is awesome for two reasons:

1. We both made MEASURABLE progress and were highly productive

2. This meant I didn’t have to give any more money to ‘Spiritual Hippy Lady’…

Which is something I’m determined to NEVER do again.

But get this…

We’re only three weeks in and Matt and I have already SMASHED fitness milestones.

AND we’ve both made our side businesses PROFITABLE.

The benefits of setting a challenge like this are really starting to pay off.

I also feel like i’m “in the groove” with it all and day by day it becomes easier

Here’s the cool things I learned after Operation Macau Week 2…

Key Learning #1 Your Environment Affects The Way You Think

It’s been proven that
where you are has a huge impact on who you are.

Your surroundings literally affect your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

In an article published in Psychology Today, it says:

“Similar to a chameleon that changes its coloring to most effectively adapt to its environment, so too, do we change in slight to marked ways when our surrounding environment changes.”

To exploit this fact, I have a secret technique I’ve used for years.

Here’s how you do it…

Whenever you’re building out new ad campaigns or brainstorming new goals, find an AWESOME location.

One that inspires and motivates you.

A place that ELEVATES your thinking.

In the past I’ve personally gone to the lobby’s of 5 Star Hotels and sat in the lounge with a warm coffee, laptop, and a notebook.


In environments like this you’re literally SURROUNDED by wealthy and successful people.

Which is perfect for:

  • Planning winning marketing campaigns
  • Mapping a new business strategy
  • And building the ultimate vision for your life

Here in Freedom Studios we have our War Room.

This room is dedicated to sitting down and building out profitable campaigns for our clients.

But mainly (and this is where it gets really cool)…

This is where we’re constantly building, testing, and launching new Freedom Businesses and then sharing the findings with our community.

This way we’re ALWAYS up to date with the latest breakthroughs in online business.

Pretty cool, right?

So find yourself an inspiring, awesome space to map out your life and your business.

You don’t have to have your own War Room or Freedom Studios…

Just a lounge chair in a BOSS hotel, a coffee, a notepad, and a pen.

Key Learning #2: Social Media Doesn’t Pay The Bills

This one’s controversial…

And online business people usually fall into one of two groups:

Group A: People who blindly love social media UNQUESTIONABLY

Group B: People who understand it’s the side salad, not the steak

Check out this screenshot from legendary internet marketer Frank Kern:

Slack for iOS Upload (3)
I personally fall into Group B.

The only social media I really pay attention to is the paid stuff.

Buying and running ads on these networks to profitable offers.

That’s money you can take to the bank!

I recently read an article published in Entrepreneur which said that the organic reach of social media is almost zero.

Apparently, a Tweet has a lifespan of about 18 minutes.

And a Facebook post has a reach of about 2.7%.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can’t rely on free posts to build your business.

The profits are in the advertising.

Key Learning #3: Ads Don’t Pay The Bills, WINNING Ads Do

I know I say this a lot…

But what the market wants, the market gets.

It’s that simple.

Want to know the fastest, less obstructed path to financial freedom and living a rockstar life?

Spend your hours servicing the EXISTING NEEDS of your market.

NOT trying to invent new stuff.

Here’s an example…

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.07.32 AM (1)

These are the results from our latest ad campaign.

After a lot of tweaking and testing it is now a PROFITABLE business.

Estimated time frame from Build to Profits = 3 weeks.

Here’s the catch…

Matt and I have both been in the Freedom Business game a while now.

We’ve both tested and bootstrapped several successful businesses before.

Simply put, we know the ropes.

But if I could give you one key piece of golden advice, it’s to not take bad results personally!

90% of ad campaigns don’t come out of the gate profitable.

It’s just the way it works.

In this week’s Operation Macau video Matt shared a great insight on this topic.

He said, “One of my ads that’s done ridiculous amounts of money is kind of an embarrassing ad to show, like, it’s a really shitty ad…”


“[With the new ad] I’m using the best copywriting skill I can, I’m doing everything to write a new ad to beat [the old ad], it’s the best ad in the universe, like it’s perfect in every way, and then you put it out there and the old shitty one just blows it away.”

In fact, Gary Halbert (probably the best copywriter of all time) once said this:

Fundamentals never change but current variations of how to best use those fundamentals are something you must always stay on top of. In other words: It’s not enough to know that everybody wants a bargain… you must also know what people currently consider a bargain.”

It’s a process, and testing is the only way to find a winning ad FOR SURE.

For every ad that bombs you’re closer and closer to the one that will convert.

With our latest test business, we only spent $5 on each ad per day.

If the ad bombed, we turned it off and moved on.

RUTHLESS pruning and killing of what doesn’t work.

And doubling down on what does.

If it worked, we increased the ad spend and watched the #ringrings pour in.


15 ads tanked before we found the winning one.

When you’re starting out it can be brutal.

But if you’ve got a VALIDATED idea, keep testing until you find that winning ad.

Don’t give up right away…


Because the ONE ad that brings in ALL the income you need is probably right around the corner.

So to bring it all together…

You can use my key learnings from this week to immediately kickstart your results by…

  1. Finding an environment that floods your mind and body with wealth vibes
  2. Use social media STRATEGICALLY
    That means in the early days only do paid traffic  and don’t fluff around with creating a “presence”.
  3. Understand that WINNING ads are more discovered through trial and error

Rather than made in some madmen style office and come out to the market brilliant and successful.

Anyway thoughts on this week?

Please leave me a comment or question below.

And if you’re following along with your own challenge let me know how yours is going!

Can’t wait to let you know about everything that happens over the next week!

Talk then 🙂



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1. Psychology Today: “Can We Change Ourselves Simply by Changing Location?”

2. Entrepreneur: “5 Reasons Why Social-Media Marketing Is Overrated”

3. Dan Kennedy: Book
NO B.S. Direct Marketing

4. David Ogilvy: Books
Confessions Of An Advertising Man
Ogilvy On Advertising

5. The Gary Halbert Letter


[OM Week 1]: The Failure And The Punishment

[Click to play the video above]

What Is Operation Macau?

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • We do one weekly call to share strategies, review challenges, and set new targets
  • Weekly challenges that are not completed are met with a punishment
  • Below you will learn the proven methods and strategies that we’re using to make these goals a reality

“If nothing else in life, I want to be true to the things I believe in, and quite simply, to what I’m all about. I know I’d better, because it seems whenever I take a false step or two I feel the consequences.” – Peyton Manning

Checking in for week one of the Macau Challenge and yep…

I’ve failed.

As a consequence I have to donate $100 (live in the above video) to something that hurts every fiber of my being.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.17 am

As you know from the overview post, I have fitness and business targets that I need to complete each week OR ELSE.

Well as it turns out…

If you have a BBQ at your house in the Australian Summer.

And your friends know how to have a good time.

You’re going to drink 10 delicious Asahi beers and destroy your calorie intake for the day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.32 am
That’s a -$50 penalty.

I also miscalculated the amount of video shooting I could get done this week and failed to get one completed.

Another -$50 penalty.

In the comments section of the last post Nate had a really good suggestion:

“One thing to consider with your goals – since you’re with Matt – perhaps consider a more “painful” stick if you don’t hit your goals. It seems like between you and Matt you have created a bit of a win-win scenario where even if you both fail, you are rewarding the other for your failures (in no way do I think either of you will). HOWEVER, perhaps in the future taking that money and donating to an organization you absolutely, 100% HATE would be more powerful.”

Pretty much a day after I read this comment this showed up in my newsfeed:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.17.50 am

From: https://www.gofundme.com/spiritual-journey-and-travel-fund

Long story short it’s a hippie who feels that it’s ok to just “ask the universe”…

(you and me)…

to fund her spiritual quest…

(aka holiday)…

around the world.

Now apart from the obvious problems with this:

The reason this is so disgusting is that as a Freedom Business builder you understand the VALUE OF A DOLLAR.

You understand what it takes to ACTUALLY make money come in and how difficult that can be.

You understand that getting someone to pull out their wallet and buy your stuff is a science.

A science that can take months of trial and error like it did for me when I first started.

It can take months of funding your entrepreneurship with part time or full time jobs.

Like many of our community members who phase over to full time business.


But at its heart is one key, proven premise:

In general,

Society rewards people who provide it what it wants.

First, there’s a MARKET.

Which is a segment of society with particular demographics and interests.

Second – You sell and provide a good or service for that market.

Third – You’re rewarded by the cash register RING RINGing.

That’s how it’s worked (and will continue to work) forever.

Because human nature doesn’t change no matter how much you want it to.

Here’s a cool example…

This dude eats all his calories in one 4000 calorie meal at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.18.03 am

From https://www.instagram.com/blake_201

He’s used intermittent fasting to drop 60lbs and eat these monster meals to still stay lean and fit.

And here’s why he now has 198,000 Instagram followers:

A particular market wants to eat absolute crap… and a lot of it… whilst still having ripped abs.

Imagine that headline for an ad:

“How To Eat All The Crap You Want And Still Get Ripped Abs!”

Now this sparks outrage “that’s unhealthy!” from people who want the world to be different than it is.

But this is simple science.

And if Blake launched an online training program dedicated to teaching people his method – he would be a millionaire in a day.

Market -> What It Wants -> Reward

So back to our dear friend Bec who’s providing the market with nothing other than a few vague promises that veil the true request of “pay for my vacation”.

This ain’t good enough.

And judging by the comments vs the amount of funding that I just woefully contributed too…

The market has spoken.

Anyway check out the video above this post to see the full breakdown of the week.

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Previous Articles In This Series:

Week 0 –  Using The 5 “Unfair Advantages” To Get Rich… Or Anything Else You Want


The Operation Macau Experiment: Using The 5 “Unfair Advantages” To Get Rich… Or Anything Else You Want

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This post is the first in a series of insights into my own personal formula for goal setting and achievement.

  • Myself and another entrepreneur have set up difficult physical and business goals
  • We have six months to make these goals a reality OR ELSE
  • Below describes the proven system we will use to achieve them

“If we were having this discussion six months from today, and you were looking back over those six months, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”

― Dan Sullivan, The Dan Sullivan Question

That’s how it all starts.

With one simple question that leads you on a quest for glory.

And instead of doing the usual “set a goal that makes you feel good today but is never achieved” type of thing…

I’m doing an experiment.

My mission is to REVERSE ENGINEER what successful people actually do to gain an unfair advantage.

And use those unfair advantages to hit my own goals in the shortest amount of time.

Not what they say for the papers or glossy magazines.

What the ultra rich ACTUALLY DO on a daily basis to ensure massive success.

This is NOT the stuff you’ll see in those books that tell you to have some elaborate morning ritual or take cold showers or any other nonsense.

I’m talking balls to the wall, gritty tactics that aren’t pretty…


See over the last decade I’ve built my share of businesses.


And more recently created a community of people who do the same.

Because of this I’ve seen patterns.

There’s things people do on a daily basis that lead to failure and frustration.

And then there’s the other stuff.

The stuff they don’t talk about or don’t want you to know.

Little tricks that give you the edge against the next guy.

Combining this with a burning need to get a lot done in a short period of time this year…

And this is how the “Operation Macau Experiment” was born.

See at the start of this year I sat down in a quiet space with a coffee and a blank notebook.

I readied the pen, took a deep breath, and asked myself:

“Ok, what do you want?”

What you start to notice when you get better at this is that the world is like a giant menu you can order from.

“What do you want?”…

Bubbling up almost immediately from my subconscious in a joking but not joking kinda way:

“I wanna be ripped. And more rich.”

So it seems my subconscious mind is a superficial bastard.

My freedom business friend Bobbe and I have a joke that all men want to do is become Jack Rich (Jacked and Rich).

Mr Jack Rich aside, this is a good place to start because there’s arguably more important stuff I want to do as well.

Things like contributing back to the world (but not in the way you would think).

My personal philosophy goes something like this:

“As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and it makes YOU HAPPY – go for it!”


[Mr Jack Rich (Bobbe) And Myself In Thailand]

So let’s take a look at the not so secret mission between myself and another Freedom Business friend.

What exactly is the Operation Macau Experiment?

Mission Objective:
To experiment with using the “5 Unfair Advantages” to achieve large exciting goals in a very short amount of time.

Mission Timeline: 20 February 2017 – 18 August 2017

Ending in Hong Kong & Macau

Participants: Timothy Marc, Matt Skelcher (and you?)

TMARC GOALS to be completed by deadline:

  • 15% Body Fat (visible abs) whilst gaining as much lean muscle as possible. Currently 24.4%
  • Successfully launch new SECRET PROJECT (exact details to be revealed later)

SKELCHER GOALS to be completed by deadline:

  • 15% Body Fat (visible abs) whilst gaining as much lean muscle as possible. Currently 24.9%
  • Making $200 profit per day consistently in brand new Freedom Business

The Process:

– Weekly Accountability Check In Skype Calls

– Fly to Hong Kong and Macau on 18th August To Celebrate Completion


These are BIG goals to achieve in just six short months.

So I dug deep into my research and findings over the years to put together a plan.

Finding Unfair Advantages In An Unfair World

One of my personal heroes is the self made billionaire tycoon Ray Dalio.

In his awesome personal work on how he became successful, called ‘Principles’ he states:

“I learned that failure is by and large due to not accepting and successfully dealing with the realities of life, and that achieving success is simply a matter of accepting and successfully dealing with all my realities.”

– Ray Dalio Principles

What Mr Dalio is saying, is that we need to deal with the world and it’s realities AS IT IS, not how we would like it to be.

For example I was SHOCKED to learn that I’m 24.4% body fat.

I mean, I work out pretty regularly.

I think I eat well.

And yet the reality of my physical situation is different to what I delude myself to think.

The truth is we have an INFINITE capacity to deceive ourselves.

So accepting and facing the realities is the first step.

Back to our main man Dalio…

“I believe that pursuing self-interest in harmony with the laws of the universe and contributing to evolution is universally rewarded, and what I call “good.” Look at all species in action: they are constantly pursuing their own interests and helping evolution in a symbiotic way, with most of them not even knowing that their self-serving behaviors are contributing to evolution. Like the hyenas attacking the wildebeest, successful people might not even know if or how their pursuit of self-interest helps evolution, but it typically does.”

So here we learn that it’s ok to go after your goals in this self-interest way even if you may not know how they help and contribute to the world as yet.

For example, you may have a selfish goal of wanting a Ferrari (instead of World Peace).


Shame on you!


According to Dalio and from what I’ve observed in myself and others I’ve seen become successful…

Is it’s not the “carrot on the end of the stick” that is the important thing.

In this case the want of a Ferrari.

It’s that to come from absolutely nothing and to be able to have what you want…

You literally have to become a MORE VALUABLE PERSON.

You have to learn more skills and build something of value for the world.

In turn the world rewards you.

A great example is the first online businesses I built.

It was an iPhone application development business.

Knowing nothing about iPhone app development I relied on connecting with skilled outsourcers on freelance websites to do the actual grunt work.

Here’s how I did it…

  1. I created a simple landing page from scratch (which required me learning about what makes a good sales page).
  2. I setup some simple google adwords to target specific keywords like “iPhone app development”.

I sent the campaign live right before bed and in the morning I woke up to several people who filled out my web form enquiring about getting an iPhone app.

Eventually selling one of these guys on a simple app which I had my freelancer make.

Side note: The process to build a business I used here in 2009 hasn’t changed. I’ve walked hundreds of people all around the world who’ve all become free through it since.

Building this online business was me LEARNING SKILLS and BECOMING MORE VALUABLE.

I’d offered the world something it was willing to pay and reward me for.

So it’s all about:

a) What person you have to become and
b) What you need to create

In order to become “successful” and rewarded.

And this is where we land at the five unfair advantages.

The 5 “Unfair Advantages” Successful People Use To Guarantee Results, Riches And Whatever Else They Want In Their Life

These are five elements I’ve observed over a decade of chasing down business goals.

Whilst each one is valuable on its own, I feel like using the five of them in harmony leads to best results.

And that’s exactly what Skelcher and I are doing in the Operation Macau Experiment.

Unfair Advantage #1: Excitement

“Most people can stay excited for two or three months. A few people can stay excited for two or three years. But a winner will stay excited for twenty or thirty years…or as long as it takes to win.”

– Art Williams

What’s the ONE THING you would do if you just had the money?

How awesome would it be if you could just go do that thing now?

Feel a little excited just thinking about it?

That’s where we start.

Research shows that happiness (and excitement) increases productivity and makes you more successful.

“We become more successful when we are happier and more positive. For example, doctors put in a positive mood before making a diagnosis show almost three times more intelligence and creativity than doctors in a neutral state, and they make accurate diagnoses 19 percent faster. Optimistic salespeople outsell their pessimistic counterparts by 56 percent. Students primed to feel happy before taking math achievement tests far outperform their neutral peers. It turns out that our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.”

– “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor

So how do you get excited, optimistic or even happy when you’re just not feeling it or just starting out?

Science says by doing two things:

  1. Monitoring your progress
  2. Celebrating small and large wins (milestones)

The key words here are MONITORING and CELEBRATING.

Whenever anyone in our business training programs make their first sale in their new business they are reminded to CELEBRATE and not just get back to the work.


This adds to the excitement and pursuit of more success.

When setting up the Operation Macau experiment Skelcher and I are checking in on Skype weekly to record and report our progress and to set tasks for the next week.

We are also there to celebrate our wins and punish our losses as you’re about to find out in one of the next unfair advantages).

Skelcher and I are celebrating the setup of this challenge by booking first class/business class flights to Hong Kong.

There’s no turning back now!

How to exploit this advantage:

  • Start with where your excitement lies.
  • Ask yourself: “If I could make one thing happen in the next six months, and that one thing truly excites the hell out of me… What would that one thing be?”
  • Set the goal

Unfair Advantage #2: Reward

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” – Mario Andretti

So in step number one above you set and get excited about the achievement of a particular goal.

It is now that we need to set a REWARD for it’s achievement.

These come in two forms, personal reward and contribution award.

Macau Challenge Rewards:

Our rewards, to be claimed in Hong Kong on the 18th August are:



– Personal: Rolex Submariner Watch Purchase In Hong Kong

– Contribution: Donation and help to help anti-poaching efforts in South Africa


– Personal: Rolex Yacht Master Watch Purchase In Hong Kong

– Contribution: Donation and help to help anti-poaching efforts in South Africa

We will also be staying in a nice hotel, eating great food and just soaking up the travel vibe in Hong Kong and Macau.

And the reason for the watches is you can get good deals on luxury watches in Hong Kong.

They are also a good physical trophy and reminder of accomplishment.

On another note…

I feel it’s important to balance any direct personal reward like a watch or car or any other big purchase that only benefits you – with a contribution reward.

Recently and excitingly I got engaged to my partner out in South Africa where we went on an amazing safari in Kruger National park.


A totally different experience than seeing animals cooped up in some zoo.

After seeing Elephants and Rhinos in their natural habitat you can’t help but to feel bad about the daily poaching of these animals.

I believe that it’s important to choose your own cause or contribution that feels right for you.

I’ve also done contribution rewards to help out my family in the past as well.

The reward closely relates to the above: excitement.

Choose stuff that really get’s you excited.

Maybe it’s a car you’ve loved since childhood…

Here’s a 1975 Corvette Stingray I rewarded myself with five years ago.


Or maybe you want to fly around the world for six months.

Choose something that gets the fire burning!

Successful people always have reward milestones set up to fuel the execution.

And they don’t let other people choose their goals for them.

Whose goals are you REALLY chasing?

How to exploit this advantage:

  • Define a clear and definite reward for yourself for the achievement of your goal
  • E.g. If it’s a vacation or special trip then set a date when you need to book it by or even book it in advance
  • Keep the imagery in your mind at all times by having pictures of the reward lying around or on your desktop and phone background

Unfair Advantage #3: Negative Motivation

“I’ll always use the negativity as more motivation to work even harder and become even stronger.”

– Tim Tebow

One of my good friends Brian Lee who’s also a successful Freedom Business builder featured here once told me something that stuck in my mind:


“You’re either motivated by chasing glory or running away from pain. I’m definitely more negatively motivated, so when getting out of bed to go hustle I think about all the people I know who are crushing it harder and doing better than me and use that to fuel my work day.”

Successful people use NEGATIVE MOTIVATION in a positive way.

They use the emotion to fuel late nights, pushing on when it gets hard and the never-quit attitude.

Big Think did a great research piece on this and they discovered that “we feel worse off losing $100 than we feel better off winning $100”.

So apart from visualisation and invoking strong negative emotion you can setup a “negative reward” to balance out the positive reward from unfair advantage 2.

This will allow you to set up a loss and psychologically leverage this negativity as an asset to force motivation.

Operation Macau:

Punishment for non-goal completion:

TMARC: I buy Skelcher his Rolex Yacht Master watch in Hong Kong

SKELCHER: Fly Tim In Helicopter to Macau, Pay for Hotel, And give him $5000 CASH for the roulette table.

So in this case we’ve both setup something painful if we don’t hit our own physical and business goals.

I have to walk in and purchase Skelcher his expensive watch and he has to buy me a ridiculous experience.

The key with setting this up is it has to BURN.

For example I could wake up one day and decide I don’t want to go to the gym or skip an important business deadline.

If I do this too often I’m not going to hit the operation goals and so I’ll be walking into Rolex like an idiot and buying a damn expensive watch for SOMEONE ELSE.

No way.

Not happening.

So how do you not cheat?

We’ve called upon our mutual Freedom Business resident hero Bobbe to be “referee” and determine whether our goals have been sufficiently hit to warrant reward and punishment.


How to exploit this advantage:

  • Realise that negative motivation is as powerful as positive motivation
  • Create a punishment for goals not being reached
  • The punishment should create a significant BURN factor so that you don’t brush it aside
  • To avoid cheating employ a “referee” friend who determines if you win or lose

Unfair Advantage #4: Systems

Scott Adams and James Clear have done an amazing job of talking about the importance of SYSTEMS vs having goals.

James writes…

“What’s the difference between goals and systems?

If you’re a coach, your goal is to win a championship. Your system is what your team does at practice each day.

If you’re a writer, your goal is to write a book. Your system is the writing schedule that you follow each week.

If you’re a runner, your goal is to run a marathon. Your system is your training schedule for the month.

If you’re an entrepreneur, your goal is to build a million dollar business. Your system is your sales and marketing process.”

In order to make big goals show up in the fastest and easiest way possible it’s crucial to define and run well designed systems.

For example one of my goals on this challenge is to go from 24.4% body fat to 15%.

A clear, measureable and achievable goal within the time frame.

The macro systems needed are DIET and TRAINING.

As you know there’s a whole bunch of confusing options for selecting the right things in these systems.

Do I eat chicken and broccoli every day?

Do I run or do I lift weights? Or both?

These types of questions get answered in your SYSTEMS DESIGN.


[From Principles By Ray Dalio]

And this is where you need to bring in expert help.

A coach, mentor or trainer who has ACTUALLY DONE what you’re trying to achieve.

And proven that they have successfully shown others how to do the same.

This is a HUGE shortcut.

For myself and this challenge I’ve signed up to Mario Tomics program that includes both the diet, the training and the tracking.

As an extra bonus system I have a personal trainer come to my custom built gym at my studio 3x per week.

I built my own gym as part of the “system design” as well.


The trainer is there to force me to wake up early and keep my form correct.

BONUS SYSTEM: Accountability

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted days and not made any progress at all?

Sucks, right?

Here’s the thing…

When you’re sitting at home with your laptop.

You’re alone.

You’re trying to get your Freedom Business off the ground.

And it’s all too easy to goof off and let weeks go by before anything really gets done.

Six years ago I reached a certain level of freedom business success that I didn’t have to work hard anymore.

And could slack off a bit.

This slacking caused me to put off launching big projects and pushing deadlines back indefinitely.

I was talking to another Freedom Business buddy about this lazy-ass-Tim problem and it turns out he had the same thing going on.

We came up with a great idea to counter this.

“How about we do a daily task list and check in each day. And if you don’t do your tasks for that day then you have to flush $100 down the toilet.”


Every day we would both email what we needed to get done and by the end of the day we sent proof of completion photos and screenshots.

If not satisfactory then we’d have to chop up $100 into tiny pieces and flush it live on Skype.

I admit, when my friend Dustin called me and had to do his “money flush” I enjoyed it.

He HATED it.

So why flush as opposed to give to a charity or something?

Because flushing is PAINFUL.

If we just gave it to a charity then at least we would feel good and therefore it may subconsciously reinforce that behaviour.

Remember: We’re training for success here.

It’s unfair. But it’s an advantage.

How to exploit this advantage:

  • Set up an accountability check in with someone you trust who is on a similar path
  • Create tasks each day or week that must be completed
  • Agree on a penalty per non-completed task

Not something that’s going to ruin you, but something that stings enough that when the time comes to push through and get the job done you’ll do it to avoid the penalty.

Unfair Advantage #5: Backpack over the fence

When you’ve got the Daytona 500 out there at stake and everything riding on the line, guys go for it, and the guys that go for it are the ones that are either going to win or they’re going to wreck.

– Jeff Gordon

This is more of an analogy stemming from childhood.

When I was a little kid we used to take shortcuts to places by jumping fences.

Walking home from school with a backpack and you had a fence to climb, you had to throw your backpack over first.

There was no going home without the backpack as your mother would kill you.

So no matter how scary or hard the fence was.

Or if snarling rottweilers came out snapping.

You had to jump over the fence.

Same thing goes for attacking big goals or projects.

You throw the backpack over the fence by announcing your goal quest publicly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did it by leaving Austria to make it big in America.

And that’s what I’m doing here in this post series.

I’m throwing this out to my thousands of readers as a behind the scenes real world view of what it’s like to make things happen.

We created “Operation Macau” as a public challenge that people can follow.

Now I have to climb over the fence and make it happen.

Or you’ll see us fail.

And that will hurt!

How to exploit this advantage:

  • Make your goals and plan public
  • Create your own operation/mission with your accountability partner

Here’s What’s Next (And How You Can Join):

Skelcher and I are officially underway for Operation Macau.

And we will be using these five “unfair advantages” the best we can.

You should create a similar stack of advantages that skew the odds of achievement in your favour.

In summary…

  • Start with excitement and define the goal
  • Set up a positive reward for hitting the goal
  • Create a negative punishment for non achievement
  • Outline and implement the systems that will make the goal achievement automatic
  • Get a partner and throw the backpack over the fence with your own special “operation”

I’ll be checking in weekly to update you on our challenge here on the blog.

Do you want to join us?

What goals are you working towards?

How can you use one or all of these unfair advantages yourself?

Let’s discuss…

Please leave comments, questions here!

And start the party 🙂




1. Ray Dalio, “Principles”

2. Sam McNerney, 2016. “The Science Of Incentives, Motivation And Choking.” Big Think.

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